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ViewNexa supports a broad range of publisher monetization models across all platforms.

Ad-supported Video On Demand (AVOD)

Support Any Video or Stream with a Variety of Advertising Options

ViewNexa is compatible with all major video ad platforms and allows both pre-roll and mid-roll ads to be implemented with built-in support for display (banner) ads on web/mobile web.


Ads can be targeted toward specific channels or individual pieces of content. IMA SDK is built into each native application for seamless rendering of VAST, VPAID, and VMAP tags.

In addition, ViewNexa allows you to bring your own ad demand as well as plug-in third-party ad networks and other advertising partners. You can also leverage Bitcentral’s national partnerships which can generate ad fill and revenue in combination with your ad strategy.

Subscription & Transaction Video (SVOD & TVOD)

Robust Subscription and Pay Per View Options

Our flexible OTT monetization models allows you to put either your entire streaming service or specific content behind a subscription pay-wall.


Choose from the following models.

  • Monthly and Annual recurring bundles - Provides the flexibility to offer your content on a recurring basis, accommodating your users’ needs and budgets

  • One Time bundles - Allows users to access content with a one-time, non-recurring purchase

  • Period bundles – Offers access to your content with an expiry date

  • Rentals - Allows viewers to access a piece of content for a limited amount of time

Hybrid AVOD/SVOD and Other Payment Models
Want to utilize both AVOD and SVOD? We can help with that too. Set up Ads on your free content and offer subscriptions to remove ads during playback.


Support for other payment options include:

  • Coupons and Promo codes

  • Payment gateways 

  • Web / Mobile Web: Stripe, PayPal,

  • iOS / tvOS: Apple In-App Store Kit

  • Android / Android TV: Google Play Billing - In-App Purchase Support

  • Roku: Roku Billing - In-App Products

  • Avalara - Tax Compliance Support

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