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The easy way to add broadcast quality live streaming to your website, apps, and linear feeds.  ViewNexa live easily integrates with our FAST and App products.

Premium Viewership Experience

  • Continuous smooth stream that delivers pause-free and buffer-free viewing on all devices 

  • Consistent viewing experience across environments

  • Adaptive bitrate streaming

  • Configurable geo-restrictions for each live program

Cut to Live Anytime with Event-based Live​

  • “Break to live” from on-demand viewing without publisher interaction required

  • Easily integrates into a VOD and FAST linear viewing experience

  • Automated viewer messaging when switching to and from live content

  • Dynamic VOD ad breaks eliminate ‘dead air’ and ‘coming soon’ slates

Integrate into your existing workflows​

  • Simplified workflow offering a broadcast-quality experience

  • Manual SCTE-35 insertion dashboard for live streams without SCTE markers embedded

Robust Advertising Support​

  • Replace live broadcast ads with digital ads using SCTE-35 markers

  • Live streaming monitoring dashboard to view health of the live stream, SCTE marker insertion

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