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Assemble and distribute linear FAST channels to a huge collection of supported partners.  Use a collection of AI tools to completely automate channels or program everything down to the exact minute.  Add long-form, short-form or live content via ViewNexa Live.  

Build FAST Channels in Seconds

Using powerful AI tools  channels can be setup in seconds, and will program themselves when new content is added to the account.

  • Automated content assembly with seamless content stitching

  • Automated graphic transitions between content clips, even into and back from an ad break

  • Personalized sessions with dynamic manifests for each viewer are possible

  • Adaptive bitrate streaming

  • Configurable geo-restrictions for each live program

Cut to Live Anytime with Event-based Live​

  • “Break to live” from AI or manually programmed content without viewer interaction required

  • Automated viewer messaging when switching to and from live content

Robust Advertising Support​

  • Replace live broadcast ads with digital ads using SCTE-35 markers

  • Live streaming monitoring dashboard to view health of the live stream, SCTE marker insertion

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