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Elevate your content distribution experience with ViewNexa Channels, the comprehensive solution for long-form, short form and live streaming, crafted to address the dynamic requirements of the modern FAST channel distribution landscape, with a strong focus on maximizing monetization opportunities. Crafted for compatibility with CTV, web, and mobile devices, ViewNexa Channels boasts a huge collection of supported distribution partners.  Whether you choose to automate channels or manually program content, ViewNexa Channels provides the tools you need to effectively assemble and distribute linear FAST channels quickly.

Build FAST Channels in Seconds

Using powerful tools,  channels can be setup in seconds, and will program themselves when new content is added to the account.

  • Automated content assembly with seamless content stitching

  • Automated graphic transitions and bumper insertion for smooth transitions

  • Personalized sessions with dynamic manifests tailored to viewer preferences

  • Instantly 'break to live' from manual or scheduled programmed content

  • A turnkey Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

  • Adaptive bitrate streaming

  • Configurable geo-restrictions for each channel

Robust Analytics and Reporting Tools​

  • Sessions

  • Average Session Duration

  • Video Starts

  • Video Hours Viewed

  • Popular Channels (# of videos viewed)

  • Asset Type (# of videos viewed)

  • Sessions by Device Type

Robust Advertising Support​

  • Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) for seamless and targeted ad insertion, ensuring optimal revenue generation

  • Replace live broadcast ads using SCTE markers

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